Negative to Positive Assumptions

Our brains branch out into different assumptions whenever we face decisions. But more often than not, we give negative assumptions on everything which makes us fearful and worrisome. Take for example this ECE board exams. I bet, that you fear of failing. But what is the basis of your fear? Basically, that is because of the following:

1. Your parents will disown you. (Itatakwil ka ng Magulang Mo)

I am a parent myself, and I will never disown my child if ever he or she failed the board exams. (but, I sure hope not) Never I thought of such a thing. Because what ever happens your parents will support you all the way and they will be there for you come what may.

2. You worry more on what others would say if you fail (Ano na lang ang sasabihin nila?)

Well, what ever they say to you, the only important thing is what you really are and not what they ought to see you are. Its your character that is more important than your reputation.

3. Your friends will laugh at you (Mabu-bully ka ng mga kaibigan mo)

If they laughed at you during your downiest moment, you should look for new friends. They are not worthy of your friendship anyway.

But these examples are NEGATIVE ASSUMPTIONS your mind is telling you. But instead of dwelling with these assumptions, don’t make any or much better make them positive. Positive assumptions not only makes us vibrant and excited but also hopeful on things to come. It is a much better approach than depressing yourself on things that may not even happen at all. Remember, even those who cannot answer questions in the board exams are hopeful of passing it. And, did you know that 90% of your fears really don’t happen? It is just you who makes all this assumptions.

If you cannot make positive assumptions, at least sway your mind from the negative ones. Here are some ways to make it.

1. Think more of opportunities after your board exams.

2. Reminisce great times with your friends while you were preparing for the board exams.

3. Plan ahead of time of what you will do after the exams.

4. Create new and wonderful memories.

Positive vibes everybody!



One response to “Negative to Positive Assumptions

  1. It is always difficult to get knowledgeable people with this issue, nevertheless, you be understood as you understand exactly what you are posting about! Appreciate it.

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