Are Filipinos Title Hungry?

Why are most Filipinos so in love with title given to them especially at the workplace? I have seen one job opening in the internet which says “junior products specialist” It is so good to the ears that anyone who hears it would awe to their amazement. But what kind of job does a junior product specialist do? Simple.  They take inventories of their products. I asked one former student of mine who had a job in one huge telecomm company in this country about his job title and he told me that he was a “System Specialist” a.k.a. “Technician”.

What’s wrong with “Technician”? It’s also a good title. But why are some companies changing it to a more appealing one? It’s obvious, to lure applicants to take the job. And treasure that title as one of the greatest position you have ever had and to take pride that you are the one who’s qualified for it. And once you are in that workplace you will see that title everyday pasted on your cubicle and it’ll always remind how great-sounding it is. You work harder and better until you get promoted to supervisor or manager perhaps. You have spent 5, 7 or even 10 years to that job. Beating your butt off just to please the upper echelon of the company and because it is the right thing to do. Because everybody’s counting on you and you are the only one who can do it and you are the best and the brightest of them all, and so on and so on.

Pay day came, and you received your paycheck. And you look at it with great pride that that salary came from blood, sweat and tears, and, oh! is it 5ooo more than when you have started working on that company. But that was 10 years ago right? But, that ok for you because you feel that you’re needed and important and they all recognize that.

You’re promoted once again. To a directorship position. And you’re so happy that you accepted it even when the company told you that they won’t give you any financial appraisal because of “austerity measures” your company is now situated. And it’s still okay with you because now you are called “Director”. You’ll get the same salary, the same benefits, if there’s any, just to be called “Director”. And I am telling you, your company would love you for that! Hahaha! (sarcastic laugh)

I remember a book I have read from Dale Carnegie about influencing others, and he said in that book that one way to influence others and to move them to your direction is to give them something that they will be proud of, something that they can brag about, to their co-workers, friends and family. And he said, it is by giving a dog a good name. But what’s hurtful about it, even if you have a good name, you’re still a dog.

But, what’s more important, in my opinion, is not your title to get in the way of your success. Sometimes, becoming an engineer, a nurse, or an accountant or any other title, will make you so proud it will drag you down to your failure. Remember, successful people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other prominent names in history never had a title and yet they conquered the world and now living their dreams. Do what you’ve got to do and be the best that you can be without thinking what would others think about you.

Don’t mind others, don’t be wary of their criticisms because at the end of the day, you’ll be the one to reap the fruits of your labor not them. They will have the same problems when they wake in the morning and they will still be miserable even if they criticize you night and day.


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    Thanks Jen!

  2. nakakainspire..nakakarelate… your word is true

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