The Best Answer!

I have been asking the question “Bakit gusto mong maging licensed Engineer” (Why do you like to become a licensed Engineer). There are so many answers to this simple question, from the very simple to the very profound. Some answers are noble and some are some kind of a joke, at least the way I see it. From getting another valid ID to an offering to a mother. No answers were wrong simply because it’s their own reason.

Reasons are different from one person to another, and there are also common reasons like they want to have a good job after they get their licenses, some said the job they are applying to requires a license. Others said, it is a requirement by the government. Some answered, they envy their schoolmates who already passed the exams and they too want that prestige, others said it brings challenge to them and only by having that license will prove their worth, and many many more! And these are good answers!

But the best answer i have got so far, is from an aspiring mechanical engineer, and it shocked me a bit to hear that simple answer to this question, “Bakit gusto mong maging licensed engineer?” (Why do you like to become a licensed Engineer?) And his simple answer was; “Eh kasi, gusto kong maging licensed engineer” (Because I like to become a licensed Engineer). It is simple but powerful answer that truly embodies his desire. He did not seek the approval of anyone and his answer was not dependent on what others will say or think about him. His answer clearly states his goal and has that power of achieving it.

These answers from whom I have talked with and asked these question, inspired to start another book. It is entitled “101 Reasons Why You Should Become a Licensed Professional” Watch out for it!


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