The People Behind TOP ECE Review Center

A new review center is born.

TOP ECE Review Center is comprised of highly talented and experienced mentors from the academe and the industry combined. With 8 reviewers and researchers joining forces, it is a team to beat this 2011.

Engr. Victoriano Abana a first placer in the November 2006 board exams  and leads the TOP ECE Review Center in its topnotcher roster. Currently working at Ericsson Telecommunications as an RF Engineer, Vic, as they call him, graduated Cum Laude from University of Saint Louis – Tuguegarao (USLT). He’s a jolly person but from time to time shares his emotions to the team. He loves to motivate and inspire people especially the young minds. Never a dull moment with him and will surely laugh with his antics. Engr. Abana, a topnotcher who loves to share his blessing to all. Meet him at the TOP.

Engr. Melvin Cabatuan graduated Cum Laude from Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) and recently finished his masters degree in Japan. A very quiet and reserved person, at first glance you would think he is a loner. But, if you will know him better, you will surely laugh at his own brand of comic. A man of few words but never fails to add spice to every conversation, sir Cabs as they call him, will be a sure fire guide to pass the mathematics and GEAS subjects in the board exams. A second placer in 2004, meet him at the TOP.

Engr. Woodrow Pino is also a topnotcher, a 2nd placer at that. Like Engr. Abana, Woods, as they call him, is full of energy and has a contagious energetic spirit. A self-made businessman, Woods is a jack-of-all-trade. He knows a little bit of something about almost everything. Hails from University of San Carlos (USC) and graduated Cum Laude, Woods also loves to enrich the minds of students not only about academics but also about life overall. You will also meet him at the TOP.

Engr. Adrian Paala is a 3rd placer in the ECE board exams. Adrian, is also a quiet and reserved person but can really hit you with his sense of humor or sometimes “no-non-sense” humor. A logical thinker and a keen observer, he is one of TOP’s best mentor in Math and GEAS subject not to mention, he is also a human calculator.  He’s also one of the jewel and proud product of PUP Sto. Tomas, Batangas campus where it is branded as a breeding ground of topnotchers in CALABARZON region. Meet the human calculator at the TOP!

Engr. Roy Andrew Garcia is from Divine Word College of Calapan (DWCC) in Mindoro and became a 3rd placer in the ECE board exams. Roy, as they like to call him, is a good listener and has a sense of good balance on everything. He would like to take everything into considerations before he decides on something. He almost naturally and instantly weighs pros and cons about things before ending up with a wise decision, no wonder he is a 3rd placer and got a perfect score in mathematics. A good conversationalist and also a good companion, he never fails to give you a smile. Meet him at the TOP.

Engr. Melvin Arceo is the strategist of the group. He is very deliberate but will give a you a dose of smart jokes. A graduate of TIP-QC, Melvs, is an 11-year veteran in the review industry. He is also a writer, a blogger, a photographer and loves to impart knowledge to young people. He is currently the president of TOP ECE Review Center and vows to take the center to live up to its name by serving students and giving necessary knowledge they need and surely deserve. Meet him at the TOP.

Engr. Fernando Victor De Vera is an 11 year veteran of review industry, he is currently the department chair of Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) and a professor of University of the East (UE). A very sociable and friendly person, Vic loves the companion of the young. He likes to influence and motivates people with his way of life and teachings. A relax and sober person, Vic loves to weigh things up before a decision and that is maybe the reason why he’s got some huge triceps.  A graduate of TIP-QC of class 1999, you will meet him at the TOP.

Engr. Jerick Lee is a catalyst because he speeds up actions. A graduate of FEU, Jerick, is a very deliberate but funny kind of guy. He never fails to give them belly-aching laughs. A very reliable and dependable young man, he treasures his friends and never leaves them behind. He is also their “creative director” because of his imaginative works and he is the one responsible with their ads, flyer designs and book covers. Meet him at the TOP!

Located at the heart of Manila, just in front of Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), TOP poses itself as a review center to reckon with. With a core principle of “increasing licensed engineers rather than increasing enrollees”, TOP will give you a good shot in the board exams.

To those who are interested, you can see them at the 4th floor, Room 422 to 425 Don Lorenzo Bldg., 889 P. Paredes St., Morayta Manila (Fronting Professional Regulations Commission) or you can contact them at 0915-2743061 or 0949-8198914.


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