10 Signs You Are Ready for Board Exams By: Melvin Arceo

Here are 10 Signs you’re ready for the Board Exams:

10.   You don’t seem to cram.

You don’t know the word cram and you do your review with ease and efficiency. You are organized and know what to do in every subject. You seem to have more than enough time for them.

9.   You are more excited than afraid about the date of exams.

You are excited to know when the board exams will happen because you want to get into the action and counting the days to the date of the exams crossing out days in your calendar.

8.   Answering  questions are like second nature to you.

When answering questions, you are relaxed and enjoying every number. You are even interested to know correct answers on your mistakes. You are excited to answer more and more questions until you have had enough.

7.   Your confidence never ceases.

You feel your confidence never vanishes, in fact, it grows stronger every after review. You don’t mind criticisms and bad comments from others. You don’t let yourself down on occasional disappointments but rather challenges you to take more assessment tests.

6.   You see yourself superior to others.

After every assessment exams, you tend to compare yourself to others and knowing their scores makes you feel superior than them. Your scores compared to them is far greater, except, of course you are competing with those who have the same level of talent. And you feel the challenges head on for the top positions in the board exams.

5.   You feel you know everything.

Your classmates ask you questions and surprisingly you can answer almost everything.

4.   You feel like a quizzer.

You feel you are in a quizbee contest and try to answer every question, competing with everybody.

3.   You’re just resting two weeks before the exams.

You are resting for two weeks before the exams while others still have their heads on their notes and books trying to get more information.

2.   You’re thinking of what to wear during the oathtaking ceremonies.

You are now looking for attire to wear for the oathtaking ceremonies. Funny but it’s true.

1.   You don’t worry about passing, you worry more about what place at the top you will end up.

You feel sad and worried you might end up second in the top positions and you won’t be able to deliver your prepared speech for the oath taking ceremonies.


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