What to Study in Electronics Systems and Technologies?

Great deal of your time should be spent in reading books. Preparation for the board exams specially Electronics Systems and Technologies need a lot of reading books. What are the books that will not waste your effort, time and sleepless nights?

Here are my recommendations:
Electronics Communications Books by:

1. Tomasi
2. Blake
3. Frenzel
4. Miller
5. Kennedy (multiple choice only)
6. Grob (television)

It is also advisable to answer multiple-choice questions to further strengthen your knowledge about the subject matter. Be always ready to accept and discern information about the board exams.

Good luck everybody!


11 responses to “What to Study in Electronics Systems and Technologies?

  1. Kirby Shaever Si Ang

    Tnx for the helpful info , sir

  2. Nice.. . Tomasi lang meron ako… . . hehe

  3. Baguioguy2010

    07/09/2010:4pm, Baguio

    For all the things that we have learned from you, technically and emotionally, and all your encouragements to us Baguio students here at ACERS-PERC, : we would like to express our deepest THANK YOU! for molding our minds to be the next topnotchers for the board! “Time is the best ever gift that a person can really give to another.”
    Now I can say, SIR ABANGAN NIYO, MAGTO-TOP AKO SA BOARD EXAMS! NUMBER “1”:November 2010…( as long as a person knows how to glorify God through his works and will never forget to keep his feet on the ground )…TO GOD BE THE GLORY! Mabuhay po kayo sir! More power and these encouragements of yours will change the outlook of a lot of people out there.

    • reviewdynamics

      I am very happy to know that you have appreciated my lectures there in Baguio. I’m looking forward to get back there and see you all soon.

      Good luck and God Bless!

  4. Reillo, Daryll

    Ser Melvin, what are my chances of passing Comms if i’ve read tomasi and blake just once…?

    • reviewdynamics

      Well, if you just read blake and tomasi, you may not answer some questions in the board exams even if you read ’em twice or thrice. you must read and take notes and at the same time give time to read also reviewers that may be helpful for your preparations. TV questions may not come from blake and tomasi but from Grob. So try other books and reviewers as well.
      Good luck!

  5. hi sir, i’m one of you’re students in perc davao. tnx sa ELI d’ ICE man sir. hehe. COOL ang blog mo sir. hehe. I’ve added you to my blog roll. If you want to check it out, it’s http://floogerslounge.blogspot.com
    tnx! God Bless! ahoo ahoo ahooo!

  6. Sir, how many problems po sa geas lumalabas sa board? npaka dami po kc ng geas PS.. tpos may problems pa elex, est lalo na sa math… tnx po

    • Actually, on the Average, mga 20 items lang ang lumlabas na computations sa GEAS. Ganun din sa ESAT. Sa ELEX naman mga 5 to 10 items lang ang computation. Sa MATH isa o dalawa lang usually ang objective type.

      Kaya mas maganda rin na mag-concentrate din kayo sa terminologies pagdating sa GEAS.

      Good Luck!

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