What are the Books You should study in Electronics Engineering?

The good thing about electronics engineering is its technology is not changing faster than applications in Communications Engineering. Therefore, whatever books you read about electronics basically will give you same information. But of course, we don’t want to waste our time studying materials which we don’t know if it will ever come out of the board exams.

As a mentor in a review center, I want to guide you in your quest to board exam success and that is by giving you the RIGHT information about the electronics engineering. As of now, the electronics books you should study are the following:

1. Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics by Stan Gibilisco

2. Electronic Devices by Floyd

3. Electronics Engineering by Villamor

These three books may be sufficient but there are other allied books you need to study to ensure your success in electronics engineering and ultimately in the board exam itself.

Good luck everybody!


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