Pray to GOD and HOPE for the BEST

Always remember that God will never give you anything that will hurt you. Always think that whatever happens, it is for your own good and God knows it. God knows best! So pray and always hope for great things to come… Good luck and may God bless us all!


8 responses to “Pray to GOD and HOPE for the BEST

  1. right..wag natin pagdudahan ang kakayahan Niya..

  2. Basta anomang resulta ….TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

  3. manalo… matalo… we should praise HIM….


  4. it wasn’t thru our ability nor our intellect but it was/is thru God..
    God has a very good purpose whatever will be the result..

  5. binigay na natin best natin, isubmit na lang ntin lahat ng natitira sa KANYA..

  6. our faith will save us! faith in our self and most especially, faith in our GOD ALMIGHTY!! yeah!

  7. I still thank GOD khit hindi pinalad ngayon..wala man sa 1500 ung mga pumasa congrats, sa mga sawi wag parin nating kalimutan na pasalamatan c GOD..Im sure he have a plan to us..Sa mga mentors sa PERC salamat po..

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