Cong. Teddy Casiño: The “Godfather” of Fairness in Review Center Industry


Last night (April 17,2009) I attended the Review Center   Association of the Philippines (RECAP) first ever  conference held in Manila Hotel. It was a great evening because of different personalities of the review center industry present there. Dr. Carl Balita emceed the show, owners and directors of different review centers – from nursing to engineering – were also thrilled to be there.

Distinguish guests include Cong. Cynthia Villar who was the keynote speaker of the evening concerning the review center industry and Cong. Teodoro “Teddy” Casiño who filed in congress House Bill 02380 “An Act Protecting The Rights Of Students Of Courses Requiring Professional Licensing Examinations To Enroll In Review Centers Of Their Choice And Providing Penalties For Violations Thereof”

According to the bill “It seeks to penalize and revoke the permit to operate of any school that compels its students to take board review classes in a particular review center.”

A fair and timely bill and hoping to become a full-blown act that will make the review and higher education institutes free from filthy politicking.


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