The ECE Test Yourself Book in EST by: Melvin C. Arceo


Format : Paperback

ISBN :971-92716-2-0

Publisher : HR Publishing

Published Date : 2008

PRICE : P368.00 (For ORDERS Please Text or Call 0915-2743061)

The ECE Test Yourself book in EST by Melvin C. Arceo as the name implies is a “test book” which contains compilation of questions from different sources. This can help students hone their skills in answering board questions. The book is divided into 14 chapters covering topics from Introduction to communications to Miscellaneous topics.

The Book Includes:

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Communications

Chapter 2 : Amplitude Modulation

Chapter 3 : Angle Modulation

Chapter 4 : Transmission Lines

Chapter 5 : Wave Propagation

Chapter 6 : Antennas

Chapter 7 : Microwave Communications

Chapter 8 : Satellite Communications

Chapter 9 : Digital and Data Communications

Chapter 10 : Telephony and Facsimile

Chapter 11 : Cellular Telephony

Chapter 12 : Fiber Optics

Chapter 13 : Broadcast Engineering

Chapter 14 : Miscellaneous Topics

According to Author:

” The core underlying principle of this book is to help students pass the ECE licensure examination. It also provides up-to-date questions in line with the previous ECE board exams to equip reviewees in their quest to reach glory – become a licensed Electronics Engineer.”

“Questions in the ECE licensure examination especially in Communications engineering have evolved vastly. The author must adapt to a certain degree of change in the way questions are asked in the board exam in order to keep abreast of this changes and pass it to the readers. This book is also intended for ECE students who want to star early in review and learn more about the ECE licensure examination.”

Aside from questions and problems that may be practiced for board exams, the book also includes standards of different technologies. An errata (corrections) is also included so don’t forget to ask for one if you have purchased this book. It boast of its chapter 14: Miscellaneous Topics which covers new technologies that may arise from ECE board exams.

About the Author:

No information available


  • Over 2000 board-related questions were asked
  • Answers and solutions to problems were provided
  • Up-to-date questions
  • Errata (corrections) included
  • Easy-to-read format


  • Some topics were not included

One response to “The ECE Test Yourself Book in EST by: Melvin C. Arceo

  1. You are never left behind with Engr. Arceo’s book. Up to date question and answer guide will boost your confidence in passing the board exam.

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