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The Best Answer!

I have been asking the question “Bakit gusto mong maging licensed Engineer” (Why do you like to become a licensed Engineer). There are so many answers to this simple question, from the very simple to the very profound. Some answers are noble and some are some kind of a joke, at least the way I see it. From getting another valid ID to an offering to a mother. No answers were wrong simply because it’s their own reason. Continue reading

The People Behind TOP ECE Review Center

A new review center is born.

TOP ECE Review Center is comprised of highly talented and experienced mentors from the academe and the industry combined. With 8 reviewers and researchers joining forces, it is a team to beat this 2011.

Engr. Victoriano Abana a first placer in the November 2006 board exams  and leads the TOP ECE Review Center in its topnotcher roster. Currently working at Ericsson Telecommunications as an RF Engineer, Vic, as they call him, graduated Cum Laude from University of Saint Louis – Tuguegarao (USLT). He’s a jolly person but Continue reading

Sa Board Exam: Hindi Ka Mangangamote sa KAMOTE! By: Melvin Arceo

Kamote (Tagalog) ; Sweet Potato (English); Scientific Name: Ipomoea Batatas

Marami na tayong narinig tungkol sa kamote. Ilan sa mga ito ay kapag kumain ka ng kamote ay maari kang mangamote sa mga exams mo sa eskwela. Isa pa, ay lagi ka raw magpapasingaw ng masamang hangin dahil sa sobrang pagkain nito. Siguro, totoo ang huli, dahil ang kamote ayon sa mga experto sa mayaman sa “fibers” na panlinis ng bituka at tumutulong umiwas sa pagkakaroon ng sakit tulad ng colon cancer. Pero ang naunang akala ay walang basehan. Ang totoo, isa ang kamote na pwedeng makatulong sayo para sa pagpasa mo sa board exams. Papaano?

Ang kamote ay isang magandang uri ng pangkain na mayaman sa carbohydrates. Pero hindi tulad ng kanin na carbohydrates din ang dala, ang kamote ay “complex” carbohydrates, na ang pwedeng idulot nito ay ang unti unting pagtunaw ng ating atay at pagbibigay nito ng “sugar” sa ating katawan. Ang resulta, nagbibigay ito ng energiya sa buong araw nating gawain. Di tulad ng kanin na bibigyan ka ng energiya pero sa sandaling panahon lang. Kaya kapag kumuha ka ng board exam, ang isip at katawan mo ay may tuloy-tuloy na energiya sa buong araw kapag kumain ka ng kamote. Continue reading

2011 Board Exam Schedules for All Courses

For ECEs:

Date of Exam:                     April 10 and 11, 2011

Deadline for Filing:         March 21, 2011

Date of Exam:                    October 29 and 30, 2011

Deadline for Filing:         October 10, 2011

To all graduates of their respective courses, here is the list of schedules of your board exams. Just CLICK HERE for the complete list. or you can type in this link:

I wish you luck guys and may you have an enjoyable board exams!

10 Signs You Are Ready for Board Exams By: Melvin Arceo

Here are 10 Signs you’re ready for the Board Exams:

10.   You don’t seem to cram.

You don’t know the word cram and you do your review with ease and efficiency. You are organized and know what to do in every subject. You seem to have more than enough time for them.

9.   You are more excited than afraid about the date of exams.

You are excited to know when the board exams will happen because you want to get into the action and counting the days to the date of the exams crossing out days in your calendar. Continue reading

How to Overcome Worries Before the Board Exams – By: Melvin Arceo

Board exams of whatever course will give you the jitters when the time comes to take it. Whether you’re a regular graduate from a community college or you graduated with flying colors from a prestigious school, your mind goes to a “what if” mode. The most common question you’ll ask yourself is “What if I fail?” Well, it is not really bad to think of failure,  for it is just part of a more complicated process, of branching out your choices when “this-and-that” happens, then leading to failure. But sometimes we think more and highlight the possibility of failure than success and that is also because it is easier to consider options when you become successful than when you fail. That is the reason why some worry so much of failure. But are there ways to overcome worries before the board exams? Apparently there are. Here are some:

1. Focus on your preparations

Have you ever watch a theatrical play? Continue reading

ERRATA or CORRECTION on ECE Solutions in EST Book

While we have diligently and meticulously examined every page of this book for errors, still there exist some. It is our responsibility to our readers to give you correct information about our published book, so we have provided CORRECTED information on some part of the book.

We encourage our readers to please inform us about any errors of this book even the smallest or slightest error you will find. We will greatly appreciate it if brought to our attention.

Thank You for Your Patronage!

You can download the ERRATA or CORRECTION by Clicking the link below:


Increase Your Brain Power! (Excerpt from 33 Strategies of Board Exam Success)

There are 8 ways of increasing our brain power. These are simple ways that are generally good for our health and improvement of our brain that we sometimes neglect.

1. Food

The brain is greedy and taxes the body in terms of blood sugar. The brain feeds directly on glucose, so if you aren’t nourished, you will lack focus and concentration. For this reason, it is important that you eat “big breakfast” before you start the day. Continue reading

Lincoln’s Letter to his Son’s Teacher

He will have to learn, I know,
that all men are not just,
all men are not true.
But teach him also that
for every scoundrel there is a hero;
that for every selfish Politician,
there is a dedicated leader…
Teach him for every enemy there is a friend,

Steer him away from envy,
if you can,
teach him the secret of
quiet laughter.

Let him learn early that
the bullies are the easiest to lick…
Teach him, if you can,
the wonder of books…
But also give him quiet time
to ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky,
bees in the sun,
and the flowers on a green hillside.

In the school teach him
it is far honourable to fail
than to cheat…
Teach him to have faith
in his own ideas,
even if everyone tells him
they are wrong…
Teach him to be gentle
with gentle people,
and tough with the tough.

Try to give my son
the strength not to follow the crowd
when everyone is getting on the band wagon…
Teach him to listen to all men…
but teach him also to filter
all he hears on a screen of truth,
and take only the good
that comes through.

Teach him if you can,
how to laugh when he is sad…
Teach him there is no shame in tears,
Teach him to scoff at cynics
and to beware of too much sweetness…
Teach him to sell his brawn
and brain to the highest bidders
but never to put a price-tag
on his heart and soul.

Teach him to close his ears
to a howling mob
and to stand and fight
if he thinks he’s right.
Treat him gently,
but do not cuddle him,
because only the test
of fire makes fine steel.

Let him have the courage
to be impatient…
let him have the patience to be brave.
Teach him always
to have sublime faith in himself,
because then he will have
sublime faith in mankind.

This is a big order,
but see what you can do…
He is such a fine little fellow,
my son!

~ Abraham Lincoln


At last! A book that covers problems in Electronics Systems and Technologies and provides solutions. Problems from different books were anatomically sliced and solved.

Watch Out for its release on August 2010.

The ECE Solutions in EST contains step-by-step solutions to over 700 problems. It gives readers easy access to solutions to hard problems being given in the board exams. ECE Solutions in EST can be used by any students who want to get a step ahead in learning how to solve problems in Electronics Systems and Technologies. This book will be very effective for those who will take the board exams and to all ECEs taking up major subjects in college. Also the Quick Formulas at the back of the book will give readers a speedy browse on needed formulas for any specific problem.

For Only PhP 388.00 on its initial release on August 2010!


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Available in TOP ECE Review Center: 4th Floor, Room 422 to 425 Don Lorenzo Bldg., 889 P.Paredes St., Morayta, Manila (Fronting Professional Regulations Commission)

The ECE Test Yourself Book in EST by: Melvin C. Arceo


Format : Paperback

ISBN :971-92716-2-0

Publisher : HR Publishing

Published Date : 2008

PRICE : P368.00 (For ORDERS Please Text or Call 0915-2743061)

The ECE Test Yourself book in EST by Melvin C. Arceo as the name implies is a “test book” which contains compilation of questions from different sources. This can help students hone their skills in answering board questions. The book is divided into 14 chapters covering topics from Introduction to communications to Miscellaneous topics.

The Book Includes:

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Communications

Chapter 2 : Amplitude Modulation

Chapter 3 : Angle Modulation

Chapter 4 : Transmission Lines

Chapter 5 : Wave Propagation

Chapter 6 : Antennas

Chapter 7 : Microwave Communications

Chapter 8 : Satellite Communications

Chapter 9 : Digital and Data Communications

Chapter 10 : Telephony and Facsimile

Chapter 11 : Cellular Telephony

Chapter 12 : Fiber Optics

Chapter 13 : Broadcast Engineering

Chapter 14 : Miscellaneous Topics

According to Author:

” The core underlying principle of this book is to help students pass the ECE licensure examination. It also provides up-to-date questions in line with the previous ECE board exams to equip reviewees in their quest to reach glory – become a licensed Electronics Engineer.”

“Questions in the ECE licensure examination especially in Communications engineering have evolved vastly. The author must adapt to a certain degree of change in the way questions are asked in the board exam in order to keep abreast of this changes and pass it to the readers. This book is also intended for ECE students who want to star early in review and learn more about the ECE licensure examination.”

Aside from questions and problems that may be practiced for board exams, the book also includes standards of different technologies. An errata (corrections) is also included so don’t forget to ask for one if you have purchased this book. It boast of its chapter 14: Miscellaneous Topics which covers new technologies that may arise from ECE board exams.

About the Author:

No information available


  • Over 2000 board-related questions were asked
  • Answers and solutions to problems were provided
  • Up-to-date questions
  • Errata (corrections) included
  • Easy-to-read format


  • Some topics were not included

Ang galing talaga ni Boss (Part 1) by: Toto Ong


“Mr. Ang!” habang kumakaway ang boss niya at pinapalapit si Bo. 

Si Bo, short for Bogart, ay isang marketing specialist sa isang malaking technological products company sa Manila. Gusto niyang tawagin ang sarili na Bo  dahil masyado raw magaspang ang pangalang “Bogart” at kapag narinig na ng kliyente, parang gusto na siyang layuan dahil tunog siga ang pangalan nya. At least, ayon sa kanya, eh parang “states side” ang dating ng “Bo”.

Napalingon si Bo sa direksyon ng taong tumatawag sa kanya, at nang makita na boss nya ang tumatawag, dali-dali siyang lumapit dito.

“Yes ser?!” habang medyo nakangiti na hindi mawari ang mukha kung masaya o malungkot. Halatang umiiwas si Bo na tumingin sa boss na seryosong nakatingin sa kanya.

“In my office, Mr. Ang.”

Si Mr. Vilsia ang boss ni Bo, isang mahinahon at taong di mo kailan man makikitaan ng galit o anomang bakas ng kaaskaran sa mukha. Ang sabi nila, si Mr. Vilsia ay galing sa isang multinational company bago siya pumasok bilang general manager at part-owner ng company. Maliit lang si Mr. Vilsia, siguro wala pa siyang 4’11” kaya halos lahat ng empleyado eh tinitingala niya habang kinakausap. Palabiro din siya, madalas niyang sabihin sa mga empleyado, tuwing nasa meeting sila, na hindi naman talaga siya maliit, cute lang. At tuwing sinasabi niya ito, lahat ng empleyado ay siguradong hahagalpak sa kakatawa. Tubong Cebu rin si Mr. Vilsia, kaya kadalasan, lalo na kapag na-eexcite na, siguradong lalabas ang bisayang tono nito, na siyang kinagigiliwan ng mga empleyado.

Pinauna niyang  papasukin sa pinto si Bo at sumunod na pumasok si Mr. Vilsia.

“Maupo ka, Mr. Ang.”

Gayon naman ang ginawa ni Bo at di na maitago ang kaba at pinapawisan na ang noo at mga kamay. Kinuha ang kanyang panyo at halos mabasa na ito nang husto dahil sa sobrang pagpapawis. Nakangiting nakatingin sa kanya si Mr. Vilsia habang tinutungo ang swivel chair na nasa likod ng kanyang malaking mesa.

“Alam mo Mr. Ang, natanggap ko ang report ng sales department, at mukhang hindi maganda ang report nila tungkol sa sales natin.” Nakatingin ito sa isang pirasong papel na parang inaanalisa ang laman nito. Sabay bigay ng papel na tila bahagyang hinagis at dumausdos sa mesa nito papunta kay Bo. Hindi nito hinawakan ang papel at tila sinilip lang.

“Basahin mo, Mr. Ang” habang nakangiti pa rin siya kay Bo.

Nakatitig lang si Bo sa papel pero di pa rin niya ito hinahawakan, ang nakikita lang niya eh puro numero na may pulang marka, at parang naisip nito na parang eto rin ‘yung nakikita niya sa mga classcards nung nag-aaral pa lang ito sa college, na ang ibig sabihin eh bagsak.

Napakamot ito sabay sabi, “oo nga sir, mukha ngang hindi maganda itong nakikita ko.” sabay ngiti ng alanganing ngiti.

“Alam mo Mr. Ang, kung natatandaan ko, first time lang  na mangyari sa atin ito. Biruin mo, ang sales natin hindi bumababa ng 1000 per week, pero ngayon wala pang 800. May problema ba sa marketing natin, Mr. Ang?”

May alinlangan sa mga labi ni Bo, at halatang di siya handa sa ganitong pagkakataon.

“Eh. ser…”

“Alam mo Mr. Ang, baka kapag ganito ng ganito ang mangyayari sa atin, baka malugi na tayo. Ano ba talaga ang problema?” Nakangiti pa rin ito habang nagsasalita.

“Eh. ser, wala naman pong problema, ganito po kasi… ” panimula ni Bo, “Alam ninyo naman siguro ser, na may bagong bukas na kumpanya, at malaki ang promo nila kaysa sa atin. Baka siguro sinusubukan lang nila ang produkto ng kabila?”

“Hmmm. ganun ba?” Sabi ng boss niya. Pero parang hindi ito kumbensido. “Eh kung talagang may promo ‘yung kabila, ‘di ba may promo rin tayo? ‘Di ba binigay mo ng 50% off lahat ng mga low-end gadgets natin? Sa laki ng discounts na binigay mo, at sa konti ng bumili siguradong lugi na tayo. ” Nawala na ang ngiti sa mukha nito at halatang seryosong usapan na.

“Yes ser, pero ser, hindi po ba may approval po ninyo yon?” Habang halos nakayuko na ito na parang nakahanda ng mabulyawan.

“Ano’ng ibig mong sabihin!” Sabay hampas sa mesa. BLAG! Sa unang pagkakataon, nakita niya ang boss niya na nanlilisik ang mata, at mukhang demonyo na sa galit. “Ibig mong sabihin, ako pa ang may kasalanan kung bakit nangyayari ito!!! Ibig mo bang sabihin, na ako ang may pakana ng malalaking discount na ito!!!”

Sa totoo naman, si Mr. Vilsia naman talaga ang may ideya ng malalaking discount dahil nga sa banta ng bagong bukas na kumpanya na mas mura at mas maganda ang mga gadgets. Imported kasi mula sa US ang mga gadgets na binebenta nila kumpara sa kumpanya nila Bo na galing ng China, halata na ang quality nila eh hindi makatapat sa kabilang kumpanya.

“Ang sabihin mo Mr. Ang, tamad ka kasi, hindi mo binabantayan ang mga tauhan mo, lagi kang nasa labas! ikot ka ng ikot sa mga kumpanya pero wala ka namang naiuuwing deal!” Galit na galit na si Mr. Vilsia. “Nagbubulakbol ka ba, Mr. Ang?” Dagdag pa niya.

“Eh ser, sabi nyo kasi pumunta ako sa mga kumpanya at lumibot ako para may deal tayong makuha. ” payukong sumagot si Bo na parang naghahanda na naman ito ng susunod na bulyaw.

Pero sa pagkakataong ito, parang tumahimik sandali si Mr. Vilsia at sinandal ang likod sa kanyang swivel chair. Sumilip bahagya si Bo sa amo nya habang nakayuko at nakita nga niyang nakasandal sa upuan at parang huminahon. Parang nakahinga na rin siyang bahagya dahil sa nakita at medyo nahihimasmasan na rin siya. Sandaling tumahimik sa kwarto na parang walang tao at animo’y may maririnig kang kuliglig sa sobrang tahimik.

“Hmmm, ganun ba?” Sa pagkakataong ito, mahinahon na si Mr. Vilsia, at medyo nakangiti na rin. “Alam mo Mr. Ang, nung panahon ko, nung nagtatrabaho pa ako sa dati kong company, hindi kami ganito, lagi kaming napapagalitan ng boss namin. Kaya kami natuto talaga ng husto, malayong malayo sa mga ginagawa ninyo dito. Maswerte pa nga kayo, kasi kayo, halos mga baby ko na dito. Di ba pinag-aral pa nga kita mag-drive?”

Eto na naman si Mr. Vilsia, sa mga ganitong pagkakataon, isusumbat niya lahat ng mga binigay niya sa mga empleyado niya.

“Hindi ba, nung nangailangan ka ng pang-negosyo ng misis mo, binigyan din kita? Magkano nga ulit ‘yon?”

“P10,000.00 po ser. kaya nga po, nagpapasalamat kami sa ‘yo” sagot naman ni Bo.

“Hindi ba, nung kasal ninyo ng misis mo, ang ganda ng regalo ko sa inyo? Ano nga ‘yong regalo ko sa inyo?”

“Aircon po ser, masaya nga po mga anak ko, dahil sa hanggang ngayon nagagamit pa rin namin.” Nakangiting tugon ni Bo.

“At di lang ‘yon, baka nakalimutan mo na sagot ko rin ‘yong honeymoon nyo sa Cebu. Tama ba ako Mr. Ang?”

“Opo ser, di namin talaga nakakalimutan ‘yon. Ang saya saya namin nun.” Sagot ulit ni Bo.

“Kasi ganun ako sa mga empleyado ko, gusto ko, happy kayo!” Buong pagmamalaking kwento ni Mr. Vilsia, habang halos nakahiga na sa pagkakasandal sa swivel chair at nakatingin sa kisame na parang sinasariwa ang mga binigay niya.

“Pero alam mo Mr. Ang, kung kayo gusto kong maging happy, dapat naman sana, maging happy din ako. Pwede ba ‘yon, Mr. Ang?”

“Opo ser, kaya nga po ginagawa namin ang lahat ng makakaya namin para maging happy rin kayo.”

To be continued …

Disiplina by: Toto Ong (di ko kapatid si Bob)

Toto Ong

Toto Ong

Isang taxi ang nasakyan ko sa lungsod ng Baguio, nagrereklamo sya sa maraming bagay sa mga ginagawa sa ciudad. Gaya ng paggawa ng flyover papasok ng ciudad na nakadugtong sa Marcos highway. Ang sabi nya, “Wala namang nagawang maganda ‘yang flyover na yan, lalo pang nagpa-traffic” Wala akong idea kung ano ang sinasabi nya kasi di naman talaga ako taga-doon. Panay lang ang kwento nya tungkol sa mga nakikita nyang mali sa sistema sa ciudad, kesyo, marami ang kurakot, keyso marami raw ang palusot, at kahit nahuhuli na, nagpapalusot pa rin at nakikiusap pa at baka sakaling lumusot.

Bigla akong napaisip, “oo nga ‘no”. Mahilig ang mga Pilipino, na kahit nahuli na, hindi pa rin aamin at tatangkain pang lumusot, ang kung di lulusot, may nakahandang “pampadulas” para talagang makalusot. Naranasan ko yan habang nakasakay ako sa isang pampasaherong jeep, panay ang hinto ng jeep sa hindi nya naman dapat hintuan. At sa wakas, nahuli rin sya ng isang Pulis na di nya agad nakita nung pumarada sya. Nilapitan sya ng pulis at hiningi ang lisensya nya, lumayo ng bahagya ang pulis sa jeep at bumaba naman ang driver at sabay sabi: “Di kasi kita nakita eh”. Sa di ko malamang dahilan, parang nagpanting ang tenga ko, sa loob-loob ko, ibig palang sabihin, susunod ka lang sa batas kung may nakabantay, at kung wala, eh di ka na susunod. Parang nasabi ko tuloy sa sarili ko, “buti nga sayo”. Ewan ko kung kasalanan yun, patawarin nawa ako. Pero siguro kailangan talaga ng matinding disiplina tayong mga Pilipino.

Medyo matagal silang nag-usap ng pulis, at sa wari ko, parang nagtatalo silang dalawa at may inaabot ang driver sa pulis pero tinutulak ng pulis ang kamay ng driver at parang tumatanggi. Bumalik ang driver sa jeep, at pakamot-kamot na sumakay. “Pambihirang pulis yan oh, nagtatago kasi eh, nakuha tuloy lisensya ko, ayaw tanggapin yung singkwenta ko.”  Nagkatinginan kami ng kapwa ko pasahero at parang napangiti kami, siguro isang senyales na natutuwa kami sa ginawa ng pulis. Hindi naman pala lahat ng pulis eh kurap. May mga matitino pa rin pala. Pero etong driver na ito mukhang sanay na sa kurap na sistema at alam na gagawin sa mga ganung sitwasyon.

Kawalan ng disiplina ng mga Pilipino ang madalas na nagiging sanhi ng kurapsyon sa bansang ito. Na sinasamantala naman ng mga kurap na taga-pagpasunod ng batas. Marami na akong nakita, tumatawid sa di dapat tawiran, ayaw gumamit ng overpass, at sa mismong ilalim pa ng overpass tatawid. tsk! tsk! Pambihira. Tapos kapag nasagasaan, sasabihin nila tsamba lang. At ang mga kaanak pa ang may ganang magreklamo. Ang mga overpass naman, sang damak-mak na mga vendors na halos wala ka nang madaanan, at kapag nasagi mo ang paninda sila pa ang galit. Mga jeep na ginagawang terminal ang halos bawat kanto na maraming tao, at kapag gustong dumaan ng sasakyan mo at nakaharang sila, mumurahin ka pa. Mga taong gustong madaliin ang proseso ng mga transaksyon sa gobyerno, pumupunta na lang sa mga “fixers” at kapag naloko, sisihin ulit ang gobyerno.

Kaya kapag nahuli sila ng mga wala ring disiplinang mga nasa otoridad, naglalagay na lang para makaiwas sa huli. At siempre iisipin nila na makakalusot naman pala kahit anong gawin nila basta maglalagay lang. At tuloy lang ang ligaya. At ganun na nga ang nangyayari, tuloy tuloy na ang paglugmok natin bilang isang walang disiplinang bansa. Walang batas-batas basta may lagay lang, oks na yan. Ilan pa lang yan sa mga nakikita natin sa pang araw-araw na buhay. Eh yung hindi kaya natin nakikita sa pang araw-araw na buhay? ‘yung mga malalaking bagay kaya?

Nakakalungkot lang isipin, na kahit sa mga eskwelahan, nangyayari yan. Dumalaw ako sa isang malaking eskwelahan. Nagkakwentuhan kami ng isa nilang teacher sa engineering. Noong mga panahong iyon, na-entrap ang isang komisyoner ng PRC dahil sa kurapsyon. Tinanong nya ako:

“Kamusta na kaya ang board exam nila sa susunod, sir?”. Bago pa man ako nakasagot, sabi nya: “Mukhang wala ng — alam mo na — kawawa naman ang mga students ko”. Hindi ako makapaniwala sa mga narinig ko. Isa itong teacher, at alam nya na iyong “alam mo na”, hindi makakabuti sa mga estudyante niya. Pero bakit niya nasabi iyon. Siguro gusto niya talagang pumasa lahat ng estudyante sa board exams, sa kahit anong paraan, mapabuti man o mapasama. Muli, isang halimbawa ng kawalang disiplina ng mga Pilipino, sana kung tinuturuan nila nang maayos ang mga estudyante nila, hindi sila mismo ang mag-eendorso ng mga “alam mo na”. Tsk! tsk! Nakakaawang kalagayan ng mga estudyanteng ito.

Paano na lang kung mga estudyanteng walang alam eh pumasa dahil sa “alam mo na”? At ang mahirap pa, kung sakaling maging topnotcher pa?! Pero walang alam at nakuha lang sa kabisaduhan ng “alam mo na”?! Eto na ba ang bagong “breed” ng engineers, passer or topnotcher sa kabisaduhan ng “alam no na”? Kaya pala mga wala tayong panama sa mga engineers ng China, India o kahit ng Malaysia.

Dahil sa kawalan ng disiplina ng mga estudyante at pati na ng mga teacher nila, dito na lang sila pumupunta sa mga walang disiplinang review center na kunektado sa mga walang disiplinang kawani ng gobyerno at pinapalaganap pa ang kawalang disiplina ng mga Pilipino.

Salamat sa ginagawang pagbabago ng ating mahal na presidente Aquino sa pagsugpo sa kurapsyon sa gobyerno. At sana, kasabay ng pagsugpo sa kurapsyon, turuan din ang bawat Pilipino ng maging disiplinado. Hindi dapat maging dahilan ang pagiging mahirap o konti ang o walang pinagaralan para sabihing di nila kailangan ang disiplina, kundi ang disiplina ay dapat nasa kultura ng bawat Pilipino mahirap man o mayaman, may pinag-aralan man o wala. Mas lalo na ang mga mayayaman at may pinag-aralan na dapat sila ang nangunguna sa  magandang disiplina.

Hanggang dito na lang, antok na ako. Hanggang sa muli mga ka-toto.

by: Toto Ong (di ko kapatid si Bob!)

This is it! A start of something fresh and promising!

i-Review: Battle Mode

TOP ECE Review Center, the most creative and innovative ECE review center in the country today unleashes the i-Review: Battle Mode. Its core principle is to make reviewees have fun while reviewing for the board exams. The competitive nature of the said software makes students become inspired when they win tournaments and feel challenged when they lose.

It seems that every question in their database can be easily remembered because of the pressure imposed by a competitor. Fun and exciting, this makes the i-Review: Battle Mode one of its kind in the history of board exam review. The owners of the said review center will make this public and can be viewed by ECE students when they visit their respective schools.

i-Review: Battle Mode

Game na!

On-Line Review Coming very very Soon!

An online reviewer will come out very soon provided by TOP ECE Review Center. A Website is now being developed and will be available to all reviewees and students. Designed to enhance your multiple-choice question answering skills, this will you make your potential of passing the board exams greater. Please keep in touch with us and be the first to experience our one-of-a-kind online reviewer!

Board Exams Schedule for year 2012

Schedule of examinations for year 2012 was released by PRC. For your information and guidance please refer to this link:

Negative to Positive Assumptions

Our brains branch out into different assumptions whenever we face decisions. But more often than not, we give negative assumptions on everything which makes us fearful and worrisome. Take for example this ECE board exams. I bet, that you fear of failing. But what is the basis of your fear? Basically, that is because of the following:

1. Your parents will disown you. (Itatakwil ka ng Magulang Mo)

I am a parent myself, and I will never disown my child if ever he or she failed the board exams. (but, I sure hope not) Never I thought of such a thing. Because what ever happens your parents will support you all the way and they will be there for you come what may.

2. You worry more on what others would say if you fail (Ano na lang ang sasabihin nila?)

Well, what ever they say to you, the only important thing is what you really are and not what they ought to see you are. Its your character that is more important than your reputation.

3. Your friends will laugh at you (Mabu-bully ka ng mga kaibigan mo)

If they laughed at you during your downiest moment, you should look for new friends. They are not worthy of your friendship anyway.

But these examples are NEGATIVE ASSUMPTIONS your mind is telling you. But instead of dwelling with these assumptions, don’t make any or much better make them positive. Positive assumptions not only makes us vibrant and excited but also hopeful on things to come. It is a much better approach than depressing yourself on things that may not even happen at all. Remember, even those who cannot answer questions in the board exams are hopeful of passing it. And, did you know that 90% of your fears really don’t happen? It is just you who makes all this assumptions.

If you cannot make positive assumptions, at least sway your mind from the negative ones. Here are some ways to make it.

1. Think more of opportunities after your board exams.

2. Reminisce great times with your friends while you were preparing for the board exams.

3. Plan ahead of time of what you will do after the exams.

4. Create new and wonderful memories.

Positive vibes everybody!